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Add a dash of sass and sentiment to every message with eye-catching Thomas Lélu Notecards, designed exclusively for W Hotels. This set of five chic notecards encourages a spirit of fun, playfulness, and sheer delight. Whether it’s a wistful wish to stay a bit longer, a flirty cocktail request, or a poolside escape, these cards bring humor and charm to every quick hello or heartfelt letter.

Thomas Lélu is a French artist known for his multidisciplinary work, exploring themes of societal observations and the intersection of art and everyday life. His notecards, created in collaboration with W Hotels, are reflective of Lélu’s humorous take on the modern traveler.

  • Designed by Thomas Lélu exclusively for W Hotels
  • Set of 5 off white cards in a matte black box
  • Card size: 4.125” x 5.25”

Set includes five distinct quote styles:

  • “Hi! Could you bring me a cocktail? I need attention.”
  • “Wake me up when there’s no WiFi.”
  • “Are you in love? No, I’m at the pool.”
  • “Can I stay a bit longer? Stay forever.”
  • “Sometimes all you need is a one way flight.”