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W Panama Hats

Heads are going to turn when you style with the exclusive Panama Hats from the W Hotels x Gigi Burris collection. This trio of festive hats are designed as a stylish nod to W Panama City in partnership with the CFDA. Inspired by her travels, Burris designed three unique hats celebrating Panama City through hand-blocked, naturally woven straw.

The Canal, a flat-brimmed fedora trimmed with papaya cotton grosgrain and papaya-hued paint treatment, is reminiscent of the city’s spray-painted facades along the canal route.

The Quera, a wide flat brim hat with a heart-shaped crown, features a colorful patterned fabric bandana sourced and hand dyed from the Emberá Quera tribe.

The Mangrove, a safari-style short-brim hat trimmed with cream cotton grosgrain and a peacock feather, takes a cue from the bright colors and array of greenery in the Panamanian rainforest.

  • W Hotels Exclusive
  • A W Hotels x Gigi Burris collaboration for W Panama City
  • Natural woven straw
  • Made in the USA


  • Canal - Flat-brimmed fedora with papaya cotton grosgrain & paint treatment
  • Quera - Straw-based flat brim hat with dyed colorful draped fabric
  • Mangrove - Short-brim hat with cream cotton grosgrain & neon peacock feather


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